Performance Upgrades

Performance Upgrades?

We can offer a wide range of Performance Parts/Packages/Upgrades (Engine, Suspension, Wheels and Tyres) for majority of vehicle Makes and Models

From a Small Air Filter Upgrade to a FULL blown Stage 3 Tuning Package, no job too small, Please use our Contact us Page and enter your requirements

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Performance Tuning?

All modern engines are controlled by an Electronic Engine Management System known as the ECU

Inside the ECU there are software files that contain all the settings for how the engine will respond to different speeds, temperatures, throttle positions etc. Performance tuning is uploading a new file into the ECU which replaces the old file.

Turbocharged and Supercharged vehicles respond and benefit the most from Performance tuning compared to the normally aspirated engine, all tunes increase BHP and Torque figures which will change the way your vehicle drives and responds.

The following benefits are seen in all levels of tune:

  • Sharper Throttle Response
  • Increased Fuel Economy
  • Smoother Acceleration
  • Doesn’t compromise Reliability